All what you need to know about the DC06 MonteCarlo production, but maybe never dared to ask.

Software versions of official production
Gauss:  Boole:  Brunel:


  • v12r5: problem with L0PU bank, corrected in v12r6
  • v12r10
  • v13r3 : full compatible, uses latest core software




Some history about DC-6:

Still in use by the Flying Bulls, Salzburg, Austria

From Wikipedia:

2006 marked the 60th anniversary since the introduction of the DC-6.

The Douglas DC-6 was considered to be the best in her class. The Pratt & Whitney Double Wasp engines were the most efficient around, the DC-6 was the first Douglas model to have a pressurized cabin.
It is interesting to notice that:

  • The DC-7 was the last of the Douglas propeller-powered transports.
  • The DC-8, powered by four jet turbine engines and capable of speeds of more than 600 mph, first flew on May 30, 1958.

Disclaimer: Any similarity between these numbers and LHCb is purely coincidence .

Harry Truman's DC-6 VC-118,  The Independence


Subsystem Information

Subsystem Additional Information Comments
Magnet, Beam pipe Talks: Beam pipe final design with Be material and support structures
Velo Talks:


new raw data format, zero-suppression, Beetle pulse shape with time-of-flight only for spillover of previous event
ST Talks: new raw data format, final TT geometry, realistic material for detector support (IT+TT), radiation monitors, IT tilted
OT Talks: new raw data format, 42 Tell1, realistic material, tilted detector
Rich   RICH2 tilted, Ĉ-radiation in quartz window
Calo   tilted
Muon   new detector element, correct detector tilt

List of relevant T-Rec meetings:

Global Aspects


Particle ID


Bugs biases:


Special data set requests for reconstruction