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Web Page of a Panoramix User

T.Ruf, May 2, 2007

I am running Panoramix on Windows. How to install LHCb software on Windows, is very nicely explained on Marco's web page, Building and running LHCb software on Windows, using CMT and Visual.NET . Also notice, that Panoramix is intended to be executed locally, then it is very fast, at least on my laptop (2.4GHz).

  1. Tutorial  Panoramix v16r2
  2. also useful to have a look at:
  3. Example plots
  4. How to make a local installation of Panoramix (aimed at Windows users or Linux running SLC3)


  1. If the torch does not work (happens frequently on windows), then the rotation axis can also be set via right mouse click, function, seek.
  2. How to make your own dictionary for special classes ?
  3. Modifying the graphics representation of detector components:
    • Look in ..\lhcb\DBASE\Det\XmlDDDB\v26r2\DDDB\Visualization
    • For example, change in  VeloVisAtts.xml
      <VisAtt name="VisVeloRFBox" mode="WireFrame" opened="Yes"/>
      <VisAtt name="VisVeloRFBox" opened="No"/>

Example Plots 

Slide Show
LHCb Virtual World
LHCb cosmics, animation started when clicking on Sarah

Other pages with Event Displays: