Bs to Kpi

run number: 103180   event number: 1878017019    date: 9.10.2011  14:07:51

Bs    decay length: 19.28 mm lifetime: 5.73 ps pt: 5081.45 MeV/c

Bs mean life = 1.497ps -> Bs lived for 3.8 lifetimes and oscillated between particle and antiparticle 16 times !

red track    = kaon from Bs decay
green track = pion from Bs decay
only tracks with chi2<3 are plotted

Normal resolution

seen from bottom, only long tracks

seen from bottom

close to production and decay vertex, side view, yz-projection, y axis magnified by factor 8
pion trajectory yellow, kaon = red and Bs flight path = green
High resolution

3d only long tracks