Displays are in PR style, the particles trajectories are forced to match with their corresponding start and end vertices.
Additional trajectories shown are only from the primary vertex matched to the B candidate.

BDT   xy-Projection zx-Projection
top view
pt>500MeV/c applied
0.826 run 115275 evt 1941832142 xy zx zy top   3d
  without forcing trajectories to vertices xy zx zy      
0.801 run 121753 evt 88970079 xy zx zy top *    
0.861 run 125019 evt 1474137137 xy zx zy top * transparent 23000 x 7000
0.909 run 117084 evt 741317777 xy force_xz force_zy  text* transparent 23000 x 7000

3d 3d_nohits
  without forcing trajectories to vertices   zx_text

*:  Ecal and Hcal transverse energies are shown here for better visibility of the muon tracks

**: The X and Y dimensions are multiplied by a factor of 5 compared to the Z dimension, for better visibility


Event failing PID cuts

0.996 run 127296  evt 2636228994 xy zx zy top transparent 23000 x 7000


High resolution figures for Poster, run 117084 evt 741317777:

top view with pt cut no Rich no ptcut 3d no ptcut  
zx gif              no rulers zx jpg              no rulers