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First look at Black Hole production in LHCb with Panoramix

Events kindly provided by Vincenzo Vagnoni [Vincenzo.Vagnoni@bo.infn.it]

Events should be now at /castor/cern.ch/user/v/vagnoni/BH/data
194 sim files, 50 events each, so 9700 in total

The following event displays show charged MCParticles with a decay length > 1mm (stable particles), energy>1GeV, together with their MCHits in the VELO.
The projection used is a signed RZ projection, horizontal axis == z-axis, vertical axis == rho (signed for left/right) and scaled by a factor of 4.

run 2 event 1
run 2 event 2
run 2 event 3
run 2 event 4
run 2 event 5
run 2 event 6