The LHCb Virtual World

LHCb virtual world Click on left image to enter LHCb Virtual World.
For 3d viewers, see here.

Following examples are based on the Cortona plugin for IE, Opera and Firefox on Windows.

Top left box: switch on and off individual detectors or all.
When you move over a displayed detector with the mouse, an anchor will appear and a description. If you then click on the right mouse button, the detector is displayed from a predefined viewpoint, see detector close view.

Top right box: select different events and start animations of a collision, a cosmic event, flight along the whole detector.

You can also maneuver around on your own, either with the mouse, numpad or gamepad. Instructions for cortona navigation controls can be found here.
Velo Viewpoint Detector close view
In the detector close view, you can click on the LHCb logo to start an animation.

Viewpoints Viewpoints:
 With right mouse click, a popup window will appear. Select viewpoints, and then select directly the desired viewpoint. The cavern view is the home view.