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The definition of a reconstructible MC particle is useful for studying and tuning the performance of different reconstruction procedures. In order to compare different algorithms, the same definintion of reconstructible has to be used.

Link to definition used in DaVinci


  • Long:         the MCParticle has 3r + 3phi velo clusters and 1x+1stereo clusters in each of the 3 seed stations
  • Upstream:  the MCParticle has 1x + 1stereo clusters in each of the 3 seed stations and 3 TT clusters
  • VeloTT:     the MCParticle has 3r + 3phi velo clusters and 3 TT clusters and is not reconstructed as Long track.
  • Proposals, to bypass problem with GEANT4 of having same MC id after interaction:
    No interaction (= decay vertex) before last T-station, z<9.5m ?
    Or number of hits > N_min between creation and decay vertex ?

Implementation (Boole v5r6)

  • MCTrackInfo replaces TrReconstructible tool .
  • In order to use it:
    • add in your requirements file: use MCTools v1r* Phys
    • add in your .cpp:                  #include "MCTools/MCTrackInfo.h"
    • add in your execute method, once per event
      MCTrackInfo trackInfo( eventSvc(), msgSvc() );
    • and then for each MCParticle you want,
      bool reconst = trackInfo.hasVeloAndT ( myMCPart );
    • There are many methods to access Velo, TT, and many subsets of planes, not counting the acceptance definition too. See the header file MCTrackInfo for details.

TR 24/07/2007