Steps for creating and running an Ubuntu 64 bit virtual machine with Virtual Box on a Windows Vista 64 bit host

  1. Get ISO image from Ubuntu download side:
  2. Start Virtual Box, select new, give name, OS: Linux, Version: Ubuntu, 3GB memory, make new disk with 40GB
  3. Choose 4 CPU (my laptop runs with I7core, 4 cores with hyperthreading), switch on all extras
  4. Graphics: 36MB, 3d acceleration
  5. CD: add iso image of Ubuntu
  6. Network: Intel Pro 1000MT, second adapter as host only adapter
  7. boot
  8. ...
  9. Important: Don't download hardware drivers for graphic card. What helped:   libgl1-mesa-swx11-dev, gtkglarea5 \\
  10. md5 issue: On slc5, there is
    /lib/ -> and /lib/ ->
    creating similar shortcuts on Ubuntu fixed the problem
  11. svn password, follow procedure at CERN web site:
    1. Execute ssh-keygen -t dsa on your Linux/Unix machine in order to generate the ssh keys.
    2. Copy the public key (~/.ssh/ to your AFS home directory at CERN
      scp ~/.ssh/
    3. Add the PUBLIC key you copied in 3. in your ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file with the following command:
      $ cat ~/ >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
    4. Since the AFS homedirectory is on AFS, ssh needs AFS tokens to read ~/.ssh/authorized_keys, to fix this, execute the following script on lxplus:
      $ /afs/