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Attention: This page is only kept for historical reasons. Most of the information is probably outdated. Thomas Ruf 2017

The Physics  Software Project coordinated the subsystem software and  the event reconstruction software. Its mission was completed with start of data taking in December 2009. It worked in close collaboration with the Core Software Project and the Physics Project.

Contact Persons:

Jeroen van Tilburg 

Chris R. Jones
(Global PID)

Wouter Hulsbergen, Silvia Borghi
(Global Alignment)


  Thomas Ruf
Software Integration:
Marco Cattaneo

Simulation (Gauss)
Gloria Corti

 Digitization (Boole)
Marco Cattaneo
 Reconstruction (Brunel)
Marco Cattaneo, Rob Lambert
Trigger Application (HLT, Moore)
Gerhard Raven
Analysis Tools (DaVinci)
Data Quality
Marco Adinolfi
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Links to older pages, not anymore maintained:


Twiki page: Transportsvc discussion , see also T-Rec of October 2nd 2006 and First simplified geometry


LHCb Event Model Reviews (July - September 2005)


Alignment Activities


Tracking Task Force


L1 and HLT tracking




Mailing List Archives: lhcb-trackingtask, lhcb-tracking-software, lhcb-pid, lhcb-brunel, lhcb-hlt



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